Analysis of a Pre-Flop Poker Strategy

We should learn how to analyze a pre-flop poker strategy in use to check if it is really serving its purpose to make us win. Many players use tactics that work against them.

Here was an actual play scene. We were playing from an early position and were dealt an unsuited ace and six. With that we decided to call because such is the usual procedure early position doesn't afford much play opportunity except to call. But actually we should have raised. What we didn't know was that player A was ready to fold an unsuited A-10 from a late position if we had raised. Player A had thought of just giving way to us, and also to prevent others from joining in to enlarge the pot.

Because of this 4 players was able to see through the flop: Ah, 4s, and Js. This made the small blind decide to check while the same flop made the big blind to place a small wager. With such, we decided to call with our ace. Player A wanted to make sure what the big blind had so the player raised. The small blind abruptly folded but the big blind, seemingly challenged, decided to call. We also decided to call.

The turn card happened to be 6d, and it seemed useless to all the players. Big blind checked to us but player A placed a flush draw on the big blind. We decided to bet out into player A, but player A decided to raise to get rid of big blind to go heads up with us. We decided to call player A, and that gave us away player A knew we had no two pairs and were in bad shape. The river had suited aces and we decided to check player A. Player A came up with a daring bet using an AAA-J-10 hand which we decided to raise. Player A noted a poker tell from us and was sure we had an ace. So player A raised us which we decided to call.

Finally, we announced our trip aces as we revealed our hand, and player A shows a 10 kicker. We lost and player A takes a hefty pot. Lesson of the story: pre-flop poker strategy is very crucial especially from an early position. In this case we should have been tight and aggressive and raised from the start.

A pre-flop poker strategy, tight and aggressive, and sensitivity to the overall play is sure to serve its purpose.