Cheating in Online Poker

Poker's popularity has been growing relentlessly in recent years and this popularity has resulted in poker being at the forefront of online gambling. Poker's popularity has undoubtedly help online poker's own popularity as more and more are playing the card game through the Internet.

Aside from that, the number of online poker players is growing more and more mostly due to the perceived greater profitability of playing in it compared to that of playing in an actual poker match.

This perception of greater profitability of online poker has some actual foundations as playing in online poker really do offer some advantages as compared to playing in actual poker matches.

Foremost of these advantages that online poker offers to its players is the ability to play in multiple at tables at one time which makes the odds of winning better for players as the number of games that they can play in a given amount of time is very much greater than the number of games that one can play in actual poker.

This profitability of playing in online poker has attracted cons and swindlers who are intent on cheating in online poker through ways that are not within the confines of the game's rules and regulations.

Some forms of cheating online are similar from those that are done in live poker matches. One cheat that online players need not worry when playing poker online is obviously card fixing as tactics such as marking and daubing cards are very much impossible in poker games done online where the cards used are virtual.

Some cheating in online poker on the other hand are different from their actual poker counterparts in the sense that they are more suitable and done more effectively in online play. One particular example of such cheating is collusion. Cheating through collusion is also done in live poker matches but nowhere is it more notorious and done more effectively done in online card rooms. As its name suggests, collusion is done by two or more players by playing in ways that will not antagonize each other in the game, sort of playing cooperatively to have an advantage against all of the other players at the table.

Collusion done online can be done the same way that it is done in live sessions but it can also be done by one person only as an individual can have access to more than one account which will allow that individual to enter in poker games as two players and resulting in that individual to have an advantage over other players as that individual has more than one pair of hands to play.

Cheating in online poker are very much the same with their counterparts in the real world in the sense that their end objective is to profit from the popular card game with using little or no skill at all. Being familiar with them is important so as to spot them and prevent them from being successful when they are being done by devious players.