Positioning as a Pre-Flop Poker Strategy

There are various pre-flop poker strategies that effectively give us a good play from start to finish. Some are based on strong starting hands, which is a favorite tactic. Some are based on raising strategies for a leverage to slightly control the game. Another good pre-flop poker strategy is to exploit one's positioning. It is nearly as important as getting the best Everest Poker bonus code before opening an account in order to get the best deal. Therefore, pay attention to each of these tips because they might add up to major advantages.

Positioning is where we are in relation to the button. There are the early, middle, and late positions. Early means we act first, or "on the gun" and everyone watches our moves. Middle is amid the early and late players, watching and being watched. Late is the best positio we watch everything and base our move on fact-based conclusions.

Raising is a good pre-flop poker strategy. Many raise when their hand is strong to offset other players' opening strategies and make them fold. Here is a way of raising a bet by taking advantage of our good positioning. Let's start from an early position. It's good to raise about 2 times and half the amount that the big blind has. Doing this from such a position, the same with the blinds, we're bound to meet lots of re-raising, this we raise minimal. But we ought to make sure that the raise amount sends the message across clearly we're playing to win.

For instance, we're playing the middle position. Our raise should be equal to 3 times what the big blinds has. This should scare several players into folding to us and warn the rest about any idea of re-raising. With a bit more aggressiveness what would stop us from stealing the blinds? If we're in the middle or late position pre-flop, raising should be equal to 3 times and a half the amount of the big blind. We want the rest to fold and be aggressive on the blinds heads up.

Being the button, we need to be even more aggressive with the raise we make it 4 times what the big blind has. We want a two-fold effect here stealing the blinds and making re-raising us a real burden.

We can see how all these tactics are scary. A choice of limping to the pot is easier than raising pre-flop. With raising we challenge boldly and show everyone that we don't care being called. It's no use raising pre-flop and then manifesting a weak poker tell that says "scared of a call" all over our face. After a raise the pre-flop poker strategy is to stay calm.