Pre-Flop Poker Strategy: 5 Hand Divisions

We must be able to classify hands quickly in a game to see if we should raise or fold on a hand. Here are 5 major hand divisions for a pre-flop poker strategy quick classification.

The first is what they call the big guns. These are all-time poker favorites that serve us the pot. They are pocket pairs of aces, kings, and queens, and a suited ace-king, and ace-king, and a pair of jack. With such perfect hands we should be aggressively raising. The flop aside, these hands are undoubtedly stronger than what our opponent could possible have. These hands win especially when the flop helps us a lot.

Avoid also having too many players in the pot because this reduces our winning odds. Hence, we should be aggressive with this pre-flop champs to get rid of players in the pot. These big guns have a way of getting too attractive especially when we have been fed up with junk cards dealt us. We have the tendency to cling to them no matter what even if saving our bankroll means folding them at times.

Next to the big guns are the good hands. These are suited A-Q, A-Q, suited A-J, suited K-Q, suited K-J, and suited J-T. These are good starting hands that can transform into powerful hands with the right flop result. But if the flop does not reveal something substantial, these hands are better off folded. With a helpful flop a good pre-flop poker strategy with these is to fool others into thinking that a bluff is underway when the flop is on our side. These hands are susceptible to trapped hands, so always play the best hand.

Middle men division consists of ace-jack, king-queen, king-jack, suited king-ten, suited queen-ten, suited jack-9, pairs of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2. These hands are good with no-limit longhand poker because the probable windfall is immense. In a heads-up it is best to fold with these hands when the flop is unhelpful.

The well connected hands are suited 8-9, suited 7-8, suited 6-7, suited 5-6, suited 4-5, and suited 3-4. The best way to play them is to use them to complete a flush or a straight. We need lots of players in the hand for a hefty pot. The rest of the hands belong to what they call bottom of the barrel. They're good when we're in a late position. Otherwise, we fold.

Quick classification of a hand is a handy pre-flop poker strategy.