Pre-Flop Poker Strategy on Hand odds

What hand to play at the outset. This is a major decision in Holdem poker. In fact this is a very crucial decision to make. The end of a Holdem poker game is often gleaned from how a starting hand is played.

Knowing what hand to choose has a lot to do with hand pre-flop odds. We should study how to see which hands are favored by poker odds. We cannot settle for any hand pre-flop. Some players say hands are all similar prior the flop and it takes good maneuvering so that a rotten hand ends up being precious and sometimes aces pair ends up disastrous. At times this may be so, and weak hands may indeed sometimes take more winnings than strong hands.

But often, playing just anything at the start may prove time consuming, takes off our focus, and will cost us more. Sometimes that pre-flop poker strategy works, but if we want pro plays we do it through pre-flop hand odds. This means we must be able to compare different hands against each other, realize pros and cons, and finally come out with an educated decision on what hand to play pre-flop.

With a knowledge of pre-flop hand odds and accurately guessing what the opponent has, we can make better judgments pre-flop, if we either call or fold. For instance, a pocket pair against a lower pocket pair. An example is a pair of kings and a pair of sixes. Depending on their sequence, like when they may end up as a straight hand or if the pocket pair higher is helped, like a pair of 10 against a pair of queens.

Another example is a pocket pair against a double over-cards. Let's say, a pair of 8 against an ace and a king. We may have to opt for the pair of 8. But in the case of J-10s against a low pocket pair like a suited 5, the low hand is the option because it won't get in the way of completing a straight hand out of the J-10 suited.

In the case of a pocket pair against double under-cards, say a pair of queens against 10-7, we will always go for the pocket pair. The two other cards, 10-7, may be an option depending on their suit, in which case a suited 10-7 may be eyed for a straight hand.

Thus, we see that applying this pre-flop poker strategy on hand odds will help us quickly decide what hands to play.