Pre-Flop Poker Strategy on Raising

Is it good to limp our way into the pot pre-flop? Many no-limit poker players say it's okay to limp into the pot pre-flop.

Limping into the pot prior the flop is a pre-flop poker strategy that allows us to see more cards on the flop. It's also a way of chancing upon a right hit. In case this does not happen, most players just shrug their shoulders and resort to good playing to regain a foothold post flop. But this tactic compromises our hand play after the flop when other players have also seen more cards as we did.

Some players prefer to either raise or fold pre-flop, and play this tightly. They say there is absolutely no reason for limping, especially when it's pre-flop. It's supposed to be the time when we either make or break a pot and if we fold we do it right away. Seeing more of the flop is also good, but the more time spent for that the more cards are exposed and the more chances are given to players with lousy hands.

It's best to base pre-flop raises on our particular position at the time rather than base them on hand strength. This latter pre-flop poker strategy is bound to build an obvious pattern (or a poker tell) which skilled players would later notice and take advantage on. Each time we raise they'd know we have a strong hand and then fold, ruining a chance for a hefty pot.

Say, with our aces, kings, and queens pair we raise 4 times the amount of the big blind, and only thrice with other hands, some good players would see this and remember. But raising according to our position hides the actual holdings we have. With this tactic of position-based raises, even if we play with the best or mediocre hand, other players would have to think hard post flop to have an idea about our hand.

If we're the early player we raise just enough to make other players know that we're serious about winning the game. Being a middle player, we raise enough to have some players folding to us. The right bet amount will lessen re-raise scenarios. With enough push we can take the blinds. If we're the late player we raise enough to make the remaining bettors to fold.

Limping into the pot prior the flop is an option, but we find that raising will do a better pre-flop poker strategy. As we raise, we do so from position rather than hand strength.