Pre-Flop Poker Strategy: Playing AA and KK

All-time favorite and powerful hands in poker are the aces and kings pair. We have these hands we're sure to grab the pot. But what kind of pot? Among the most effective pre-flop poker strategies is how to build the pot while holding killer hands.

With the excitement of holding an AA or KK as a starting hand, we often begin to be too eager to announce to the world that we have a strong, sure wining hand. Once we announce that, players will save their bankroll and fold. Sure enough, we have a strong hand, but not a big pot to win.

With AA or KK in hand (and this does happen) we are likely to get the electrifying thrill of betting all in prior the flop. With all-in bets, it's like announcing on stage with a megaphone that we have an unbeatable hand. Weak players will soon fold, and that would hurt our pot so much except if they have a good hand and decide to challenge our seeming bold "bluff." But if they fold, the most we could get probably are what the blinds have 75 cents at most tables.

Neither should we dilly dally with any of these hands. We have a lighted dynamite in our hands and we should know better than let it stay long there. Regardless of our positioning, we should not buy so much time to wait for other players to be in. Others may think otherwise, but among the pre-flop poker strategies here is to raise. We should re-think our position and decide whether we want a hefty pot which could be stolen if we dilly dally, or a medium-sized but sure pot? The more time we let fly the more risks.

The worse scenario is, as we wait for more players in, we let a smart player scare us and we inadvertently do something foolish and lose our powerful hand to an opponent's hand that turns out a junk in the end. What then? It might ruin the rest of our play. Raising here is all based on our positioning, how many players are in, there are no raises made, and if the game is rigid or casual. Again let's say there are only 3 players after us. We raise enough to make the 3 call. If raised, then we re-raise. If re-raised, we bet all in.

Among pre-flop poker strategies is when we are able to play well an AA or KK starting hand.