Pre-Flop Strategies to Launch Us to a Sure Start

Winning all begins at the pre-flop. Hence, we need good pre-flop poker strategies and positioning to win at Holdem.

Before anything else, we need to see how many players there are in the game. If there are 10 players around playing, there's probably at least one player with a good starting hand. In games where there are fewer players, the likelihood is lesser. Obviously, we need to play much better in games with a bigger number of players because the rivalry is stiffer.

After a moment of playing has gone by, note well the play strategies and styles of the other poker players. As we observe carefully their playing patterns, we adjust our play strategies accordingly. If the general style is stiff or tight or loose, we adapt to be less conspicuous. Or, let's say if somebody keeps raising any card combination pre-flop, we ought to be in a stiffer play. Then when we get the chance for a stronger hand, we deal the player in the pocket on the pre-flop.

We also have to keep an eye on our bankroll. If it's small then we make the best of our plays and choose the best starting hand possible. In this case, we cannot play several hands but one to wager on. When players take the cue and act on the bet, we may see a better pot and take a rich one if we win. When we can start out with a bigger bankroll, we can play aggressively right at the start, bet high, scare a lot and take them out of the game.

Positioning is important in Holdem poker. Late players often have the best pre-flop poker strategy in that they can enlarge the pot size by what they decide to do after everybody else have acted. Early players have nothing much except take the lead. This late positioning advantage is especially so during the pre-flop. The button's position is obviously the best as the dealer gets to watch everything before making a move.

At the pre-flop players in the early position must carefully choose their starting hands because they will act first and miss what the others will do or bet. When the worse happens early players won't be able to fold. At the outset, late players may still gamble with weak hands. They may fold later if no improvement happens to their hands.

The above are excellent pre-flop poker strategies to open a Holdem bout confidently.