Sklansky, Brunson, Hellmuth Pre-Flop Poker Strategy

What's the common mistake that most pre-flop poker strategies have? Many poker players would probably say not knowing how to loosen up at the start is the common mistake. They figure relaxing a bit would do wonders for a game start.

From popular Hold'em books written by experts we get the following advices on pre-flop poker strategies: "Play tight," says Sklansky; "Play aggressive," says Brunson; and "Be aggressive," says Hellmuth. From these experts, then, we glean the common mistakes in pre-flop plays is being loose. The tight conclusion of the previous game makes us play the start of the current game loose because it's natural to start easy after a stressful bout. We don not realize that this compromises our pre-flop play.

We should play rigidly and aggressively prior the flop because this is where we begin the conclusion of our hand. Let's take a $4 per $8 table for instance. When we're an early player being under the gun, we're better off raising if something is good enough for calling. Then right at the pre-flop we ought to play quite tight and pushy. Remember, we're positioned under the gun. What happens then when we decide to call with an off suit A7?

With limit poker we should keep raising when under the gun to win. For a hand selection we play with pockets of aces and kings, suited ace-king, pocket of queens, an ace-king, a pocket of jacks, a suited and unsuited ace and queen, or a suited ace-jack. The rest should be folded. Now, bear in mind that early position is a very unstable position to be playing from because we don't have the slightest idea of what other players around us have.

With this situation, we give them a surprise to alter the odds a bit and raise instead of call. Of course this is with careful study of the other players and for our sake they better not be playing tight. After all, the game's just began. It would help a lot if we have a pair of AA or KK or at least QQ, a suited AK is also welcome. When no one has yet raised we call during the round. This is to expose limpers from raisers pre-flop. After our call someone is likely to raise. When the round is completed we re-raise.

Aggressive pre-flop poker strategies can turn tables in our favor even in early position, if we play them right. No less than experts advice this.