The Strong Lure Of Poker

Poker is a game that every one can enjoy. Poker is a game that demands the mental energies and courage to win. Why is this needed? Poker is a game that needs strategy above all else to win. Playing poker provokes the mind to make crucial decisions and encourages the players to look and plan one step ahead. This is one thing about poker. One always has to try and stay one step or even one jump ahead of their opponent.

Poker can be played online or live. By live, it means going to the local casino and making the play there. If online, it means using the computer to play. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Land Based or Live poker. This type of poker has been following the traditional way of playing poker and has set up the game rooms to conform to them. Poker players are normally divided according to the bets they would make as well as according to skill level. Although many people would not readily admit to their skill level for it WOULD;d make one seem weak, most player WOULD;d rather play the tables that have a defined bet amount. In live poker, the feel of the game is 100 percent. This means that the person is experiencing the game as it happens and is facing live opponents and not a screen. The aim of the games is to pit the player against player head on and face to face. SOme players live for the thrill of facing their prey while some players just want to see and play the game.

Online poker. Online poker differs from live poker because one uses the computer to make bets and select the type of room and players they want to compete against. Online players have the advantage of getting more betting power since they are awarded bonuses during their stay in the website. If the player stays long on the site, then they are warded bonuses that could raise their bankroll by 100 to 200 percent. Aside from the bonuses, there is the convenience of not avoiding the hassles involved in traveling. One saves a bit more and doesn't feel tired or harassed in the game.

At first glance it seems that traditional live poker is on the losing end but then why do the casinos thrive? The reason for this is that most land casinos have set up their own online casinos so that they have both areas of the gambling market covered. If a land based casino stuck to being land based exclusively, it would be fighting to make ends meet because of huge overhead cists and such. With the online version, overhead costs are brought down and less manpower is needed.

It is also a great marketing strategy for if loyal players of the land based casino announce they have an online version, their customers would not have to seek new casinos to join. They would still be retained in the same casino plus get more bonuses and incentives.